Session 5 Psychosocial Issues

This session reviews sexual issues, genetic counselling, learning, language and behaviour issues. It looks at social and community involvement and end-of-life and bereavement considerations.

Session Length: 18:22 mins

At the end of this session:

  • You will be aware of some of the main sexual issues facing those with an NMD.
  • You will understand what genetic counselling is and why it can be important for families.
  • You will also be able to recall how learning and language are affected by NMDs and some strategies for dealing with this.
  • You will be able to identify the major behaviour issues for families living with NMDs and some strategies to address these.
  • You will be aware of some ways in which social interaction and community involvement can be improved by and for people living with an NMD to improve well-being.
  • You will understand the importance of planning for end of life and some ways to approach this subject with your client and/or the family.
  • Finally, you will be aware of how a family may be affected by bereavement after their loved one has died.
Session 5 Psychosocial Issues