Where do I start?

A good place to start is to have a look at "How to use the Training Program" which will show you the overall structure of the Training. It will also give you navigation tips on how to move through the sessions.


The training is most beneficial if you start at Session 1, under Background to NMDs, and move through the Sessions in order. You will know how long each session is before you start so you can allocate the right amount of time. Sessions can be done at different times and you can re-start a Session from where you left off, if you are interrupted.


The Overview of Training Material is aimed at managers and others who need a summary of neuromuscular conditions and the care of those living with NMDs.


If you would like information on a specific topic, "Content by Topic" will tell you in which Session the information can be found.


To extend your learning and understanding, some additional video has been added to "Additional video" which you may like to review.