Structure of Training Program

The Training Program has four modules and nine sessions. The four modules are:

  • Background to NMDs (Sessions 1, 2 and 3): This module looks at what neuromuscular conditions are and the physical and psychological experiences of those living with NMDs.
  • Living with NMDs (Session 4, 5): This module reviews in more detail the symptoms of NMDs and their management and also the psychosocial issues which may be faced.  
  • Times of Transition (Session 6): This module explores the issues faced by those living with NMDs and their families and carers at crucial times in their lives.
  • Caring for those with NMDs (Sessions 7, 8 and 9): This module looks in detail at issues faced by health and community care professionals when caring for those living with NMDs. 

There are also nine self-test quizzes, one at the end of each session.

Module 1: Background to NMDs

1.What are NMDs?

2. Physical Experiences

3. Psychological Experiences

Module 2: Living with NMDs

4. Symptom Management

5. Psychosocial Issues

Module 3: Times of Transition

6. Times of Transition

Module 4: Caring for those with NMDs

7. The Multi-disciplinary Care Approach

8. The Case Management Practitioner

9. Other Health and Community Care Professionals