How to use the Training Program

The Understanding NMD training sessions have been designed to be a self-paced learning tool for health and community care professionals working with those living with neuromuscular conditions. You can find out how to use the sessions here.

Structure of Training Program

The Training Program has four modules and nine sessions. The four modules are:

  • Background to NMDs (Sessions 1, 2 and 3): This module looks at what neuromuscular conditions are and the physical and psychological experiences of those living with NMDs.
  • Living with NMDs (Session 4, 5): This module reviews in more detail the symptoms of NMDs and their management and also the psychosocial issues which may be faced.  
  • Times of Transition (Session 6): This module explores the issues faced by those living with NMDs and their families and carers at crucial times in their lives.
  • Caring for those with NMDs (Sessions 7, 8 and 9): This module looks in detail at issues faced by health and community care professionals when caring for those living with NMDs. 
There are also nine self-test quizzes, one at the end of each session.


Sessions open in a separate window. To move through the session use the buttons at the foot of each slide as shown here. Use the forward button when you are ready to move to the next slide. You can go back at any time. You can also pause the presentation. To close a session simply close that window.


Each session has an audio voice-over which will lead you through the presentation.


Within each presentation, there are several interactive slides. You can click within the slide as instructed to view the material.

Session Objectives

Each session contains learning objectives. If you would like to refer back to the session objectives whilst viewing a later slide, click the objectives button on the top left of the screen to view the objectives quick reference window.

Session notes - screen view

Each session has a Notes tab. As you move from slide to slide, the Notes will display the audio script for the active slide.

Session notes - pdf view

Full session notes (transcript) can be viewed or downloaded in pdf format. To access the session notes for a particular session, open the session and click the attachments tab from any slide.

Web links

There are a number of web-links given within the sessions. Clicking the web-link will take you to an external website.

Self-test quizzes

Each session contains a self-test quiz at the end of the material. You can attempt these quizzes as often as you like.

Tips on the video

The video is of high quality and, as such, may take some time to load on slower internet connections.