Content by Topic

The Understanding NMDs training is designed to build understanding and knowledge of neuromuscular conditions and this can best be achieved if Sessions are reviewed from beginning to the end.

However, if you are interested in particular issues associated with NMDs the following will give some guidance on which Sessions relate to different issues.

 Adult Health System     Session 6
 Aged Care  Session 6
 Allied health care team  Session 7
 Attendant Care package  Session 7
 Behavioural issues  Session 5
 Bereavement  Session 5
 Causes of NMDs  Session 1
 Care packages  Session 7
 Care professionals team  Session 7
 Case management barriers  Session 8
 Case management best practice            Session 8
 Clinical care team  Session 7
 Cognitive issues  Session 4
 Community involvement  Session 5
 Diagnosis  Session 2
 Differences between NMDs  Session 1
 Differences with other disabilities  Session 9
 Employment  Session 6
 End of life issues  Session 5, Session 6
 Equipment  Session 9
 Features of NMDs  Session 1
 Genetic abnormalities  Session 1
 Genetic counselling  Session 5
 Grief and loss  Session 3
 Grouping of NMDs  Session 1
 High Needs Pool  Session 7
 High School  Session 6
 Home Care  Session 9
 Incidence  Session 1
 Intellectual impairment  Session 3
 Language  Session 5
 Learning  Session 5
 Mental health issues  Session 3
 Mobility Management  Session 4
 Multi-disciplinary care  Session 7
 Pain  Session 4
 Palliative care  Session 6
 Person-centred approach  Session 7
 Personal care  Session 9
 Physical effects  Session 2
 Planning  Session 8
 Planning issues in case management  Session 8
 Primary School  Session 6
 Progression of NMDs  Session 2
 Psychosocial issues  Session 5
 Psychological effects  Session 3
 Research  Session 1
 Respiratory Management  Session 4
 School management  Session 6
 Self-managed funding  Session 7
 Services  Session 7
 Sexual issues  Session 5
 Social interaction  Session 5
 Spinal problems  Session 4
 Steroid treatment  Session 4
 Support for care professionals  Session 7
 Symptom management  Session 4
 Symptoms  Session 4
 Transition to adult health system  Session 6
 Types of NMDs  Session 1
 University  Session 6